La Ricarda: Mid-century modern in Catalonia

  As we approached “La Ricarda” through various hectares of land overflowing with Mediterranean flora, Marita Gomis explained the history of the family home commissioned by her parents more than 60 years ago. Designed by Catalan architect Antoni Bonet i Castellana for the Gomis Betrand family, “La Ricarda” (also known as the Casa Gomis), is… Continue reading La Ricarda: Mid-century modern in Catalonia

A brutalist oasis in Barcelona.

  Last week I travelled just outside of Barcelona to visit the studio and private residence of local architect Ricardo Bofill. Perhaps better known for his infamous work "La Muralla Roja", an unmistakable labyrinth of colour that lies on the coast of southern Spain. “La Fabrica “ on the outskirts of the Catalonian city, however,… Continue reading A brutalist oasis in Barcelona.